Achievement of goals here for Make A Move 🙌 🏆 Our aim is to give students the skills to create a dance in teams that they may not usually work in. Our program focusses on using the elements of dance as well as mathematical elements to think outside the box. We focus on empowering all students to feel valued in their team, not just the students who are “dancers”. Every student gets their turn to shine at the front of the stage and all students feel a sense of pride and ownership over the choreography performed in their dance. #creativedanceprogram #curriculumlinked #dance #danceprogram #kidsdanceprogram #perthdance #areyoureadytomakeamove #makeamovedance #kidsdance #thearts

Did you know we also hold info sessions and PD for staff when requested? This week, we were invited to speak at the Catholic Primary Schools Sporting Association end of year meeting for physical education teachers from schools in the northern suburbs. Our director, Meagan Baronas, had a fabulous time working with the Phys Ed teachers outlining what makes our dance program so special – THE STUDENTS GET TO CREATE. Make A Move is already present at some of these schools, we hope to see more new faces join our creative dance program in 2021 and 2022. #creativedanceprogram #curriculumlinked #dance #danceprogram #kidsdanceprogram #perthdance #areyoureadytomakeamove #makeamovedance #kidsdance #thearts

If you’ve seen our signs around our schools, you will recognise this! Most people think of school dance as students learning a dance from a teacher and being either “coordinated” or not. This is not true with the WA dance curriculum. The curriculum is all about the creativity of the student and using movement to tell stories. We teach the students the skills to become choreographers of their own creative dances using some of these tools. #creativedanceprogram #curriculumlinked #dance #danceprogram #kidsdanceprogram #perthdance #areyoureadytomakeamove #makeamovedance #kidsdance #thearts

What a fabulous night at the OLA end of year concert! Here is a shot of one of the year 6 classes getting ready for their final dance in primary school. Congratulations to all of the students on an amazing dance journey this term, as well as a great show tonight. Miss Baronas is so proud of you all 💚💙 Thank you to all the incredible staff at the school who put in countless overtime hours to put together and prepare the show! We are so lucky to work side by side such amazing staff 💙💚 #thatsawrap #show #danceshow #creativedanceprogram curriculumlinked #dance #danceprogram #kidsdanceprogram #perthdance #areyoureadytomakeamove #makeamovedance #kidsdance #thearts


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