Our Program

Make A Move – A Curriculum Linked Creative Dance Program…

Working in small groups over a period of 8 weeks, students are encouraged to unleash their creativity and are taught the skills necessary to choreograph their own dance pieces.

Our professionals then carefully join each group’s piece together to make a class dance and whole school show THAT THE STUDENTS HAVE CREATED!

The program is flexible and can be tailored to suit any theme chosen by either the school or your assigned M.A.M dance program coordinator.

Students are provided with the opportunity to research and discuss the theme of their show, including choreography, costumes and any other creative aspects they wish to include. We run with WHAT THE STUDENTS WANT for their show!

At the end of the 8 week period, sit back and watch your students light up as they perform their special show that they have created to perform just for you!

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We are official Seesaw app ambassadors!

Did you know that here at Make A Move, we are Seesaw App Ambassadors! We love to use digital technology to enhance our learning in our sessions. If iPads are available for use, the students are shown how to record their own work weekly onto the Seesaw app (Make A Move’s favourite free digital portfolio app).

Curriculum Links:

Our program directly links to the Australian and WA curriculum for the Performing Arts learning area, focussing specifically on the Making and Responding substrands:

Making in each Arts subject engages students’ cognition, imagination, senses and emotions in conceptual and practical ways and involves thinking kinaesthetically, critically and creatively. Students develop knowledge and skills to plan, produce, present, design and perform in each arts subject independently and collaboratively. Students work from an idea, an intention, particular resources, an imaginative impulse, or an external stimulus.” SCSA – The Arts – Dance.

The Make A Move Performance Program allows students to use higher order thinking skills to improvise, imagine and think kinaesthetically to create their own group dances.
“Responding in each Arts subject involves students reflecting, analysing, interpreting and evaluating in the Arts. Students learn to appreciate and investigate the Arts through contextual study. Learning through making is interrelated with, and dependent upon, responding. Students learn by reflecting on their making and responding to the making of others.” SCSA – The Arts – Dance.

The Make A Move Performance Program gives students the opportunity to critically reflect on their making and look at how their pieces and others pieces fit in with the theme of the show.
PP, Year 1 and 2(ACADAM001)
 Year 3 and 4(ACADAM005)
 Year 5 and 6(ACADAM009)

For the little ones…

Our Kindy and Pre-Primary program gives the students the opportunity to improvise and be a part of the creative process.  Our program is flexible and links with the student-centred learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. 

Our Make A Move professional will explore the show theme with the students and work with them to choreograph a simple dance that they can perform independently in the end of program show.

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