Links To The Curriculum

We are proud to say that we are one of the ONLY dance programs in WA that directly links to the Australian and WA curriculum for the Performing Arts learning area.

Performing Arts Curriculum Links


Making in each Arts subject engages students’ cognition, imagination, senses and emotions in conceptual and practical ways and involves thinking kinaesthetically, critically and creatively. Students develop knowledge and skills to plan, produce, present, design and perform in each arts subject independently and collaboratively. Students work from an idea, an intention, particular resources, an imaginative impulse, or an external stimulus.

The Make A Move Performance Program allows students to use higher order thinking skills to improvise, imagine and think kinaesthetically to create their own group dances.


Responding in each Arts subject involves students reflecting, analysing, interpreting and evaluating in the Arts. Students learn to appreciate and investigate the Arts through contextual study. Learning through making is interrelated with, and dependent upon, responding. Students learn by reflecting on their making and responding to the making of others.

The Make A Move Performance Program gives students the opportunity to critically reflect on their making and look at how their pieces and others pieces fit in with the theme of the show.

We are passionate about purposeful and meaningful learning.

Since we are linked to the dance curriculum, schools have the option of assessing their students.

We can even provide your staff with professional development so that they feel confident when it comes to assessing and reporting.

Links To The Performing Arts Curriculum


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Free student reflection pages

Our free student reflection pages are for students to complete at the end of their Make A Move program and are directly linked to the RESPONDING outcomes in the Performing Arts Curriculum.

Cross-curricular links


- Shape recognition

- Pathways

- Transformation of shapes (flip, rotate)

- Ordering and sequencing

- Directional language

- Counting

- Spatial awareness

Physical education

- Fundamental movement skills

- Cross mid-line movements

- Locomotor and non-locomotor movements

- Fitness

- Coordination

- Teamwork

digital technologies

- Coding our bodies to perform a sequence of moves

- Opportunities to create visual introductions for each dance on the night of the show using digi tech

- Can link to school extension program

- Uses Seesaw activities

Social, EMotional and cognitive

- Creative freedom

- Quality time in teams to work leadership skills

- Developing short term, long term and working memory skills

- Team building and confidence boosting

- Mindfulness

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